Wow! how time flies - we're now into our 4th year in business!  The Four Paws Leathers Crew, consists of four-legged Models Zoey the Chihuahua, also a lifetime member of Biker Dogs MC, Sasha the Husky/Shepherd, and Juno the Siberian Husky, all managed by Top Dawgs Sharaun and Michael Young.    We're  lining up our year's events, so be sure to check our Event Calendar for our next public appearance.    
In addition to striving to reduce carbon paw prints, Four Paws Leathers strongly advocates for the humane treatment of all animals.  To aid in this cause, each year we donate a portion of EVERY sale, no matter how small, to an organization that helps animals in need. Our Crew is proud to announce our 2018 deserving organization we discovered through our Instagram, Flying Fur Animal Rescue run by PAUL STEKLENSKI and his special rescue Pawsenger, TESSA.  Their Mission:   To help save more animals in a unique fashion - using a small craft airplane! Since his initial flight, he's helped save over 1,000 animals; just one man, filling an aircraft with rescue animals, spending $1,000 a month out of his pocket to do it.  Four Paws Leathers recognizes good work.  Paul and Tessa, God speed and safe flights so that you can continue this labor of love work you do. 
From our Dog Home to yours, we wish you a year filled with Prosperity, Good Health, TONS  of slobbery FurBaby kisses, but most of all, LOVE!    
Collar w/Spikes and Crystals, Size Extra Small
Studded Leather Bow-Tie Collar
Devil Dawg Vest, Size Medium
Four Paws Protectors, size Large
White Leather Spiked Collar
puppy collars, cool dog collars
Paw-loha Shirt, Size Small Blue Hibiscus

Meet our Creative Guru

After years of working in high fashion, Sharaun brings her talents and skills to the pet world.  As Zoey, Sasha and Juno were throw-away dogs given a new lease on life, so too are each and every Four Paws Leathers product.  Their striking good looks go hand-in-hand with being eco-friendly. Sharaun uses only the finest available recycled leathers and materials, either from a client's  favorite retired biker's leathers, chaps,  saddlebags, or vest - even an interesting piece found at a flea market.  

                                                                                                                                                              Read more

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My dog Lucky LOVES his leather rocker vest!   We never walk the Sunset Strip without rocking our Four Paws Leathers! 

Gina and Lucky, LASF Magazine Editor


Custom bling is the only way to go for my girl Bella!  Sharaun allowed my Bella to be the Princess she truly is! 

Erica and Bella, Long Beach CA

We love the Dia de los Muertos sweatshirt. Everybody loves it!


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