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Happy New Year!  Not only are we entering a new decade, we are celebrating our 5th Year in Business!!  so much happened last year, including adding a new member to the Modeling Crew - Nikko the Shepinois Puppy!


Every year we honor an organization we feel is an amazing supporter of Pets and their Humans. For the past couple of years, Four Paws Leathers has been an avid supporter of this wonderful Organization, and are so very proud to announce our 2019 Four Paws Leathers Choice – Furry Friends Pet Relief, based in Antioch CA. 


Furry Friends Pet Relief started their outreach program in hopes to help stop the over population of animals in the shelters, by helping owners at the beginning, when they may feel that they need to surrender their furry friend. They want pet owners to know that there is help out there, and that they'll do all they can to help them keep their loved animals out of the shelters. 


Furry Friends Pet Relief assists struggling families and the homeless in the East Bay and surrounding Counties with dog and cat food. Often times those families need a bit more for their Furry Friend(s) than just food. They often need new bedding, leashes, collars, clothing ect., and other things such as their shots and/or need to be spayed or neutered. Furry Friends Pet Relief are involved with the community by going to classrooms to teach kids about animal care, handling, and about the importance of spay and neuter.



Our Paws are held high for you,

Furry Friends Pet Relief!

Keep on keepin' on!

Collar w/Spikes and Crystals, Size Extra Small
Devil Dawg Vest, Size Medium
Four Paws Protectors, size Large
White Leather Spiked Collar
puppy collars, cool dog collars
Studded Leather Bow-Tie Collar
Paw-loha Shirt, Size Small Blue Hibiscus

Meet our Creative

After years of working in high fashion, Sharaun brings her talents and skills to the pet world.  As Zoey, Sasha and Juno were throw-away dogs given a new lease on life, so too are each and every Four Paws Leathers product.  Their striking good looks go hand-in-hand with being eco-friendly. Sharaun uses only the finest available recycled leathers and materials, either from a client's  favorite retired biker's leathers, chaps,  saddlebags, or vest - even an interesting piece found at a flea market.  

                                                                                                                                                              Read more

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My dog Lucky LOVES his leather rocker vest!   We never walk the Sunset Strip without rocking our Four Paws Leathers! 

Gina and Lucky, LASF Magazine Editor


Custom bling is the only way to go for my girl Bella!  Sharaun allowed my Bella to be the Princess she truly is! 

Erica and Bella, Long Beach CA

We love the Dia de los Muertos sweatshirt. Everybody loves it!


© 2015 by Four Paws Leathers Eco-Friendly Pet Products

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